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Z-slide made from CFRP

New standards in machinery manufacture

Together with partners from the machinery manufacturing industry, SGL Group has developed a Z-slide for machine tools made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). This composite material offers light weight combined with good mechanical properties, so providing crucial added value for machinery manufacturers and operators: increased efficiency, higher dimensional accuracy and cutting quality, as well as extended component service life and machine lifespan.

Compared with conventional materials such as steel, CFRP achieves a weight saving of around 45%, which brings significant advantages. Z-slide made in lightweight construction improves axis dynamic behavior, reduce machining time, and cut production costs. Drives attain better acceleration and braking values, which shortens cycle times and permits higher cutting speeds. At the same time, energy requirement is lower due to the reduction in the masses that have to be moved. Downsizing of motors and guide elements is also possible. In this way, machinery manufacturers can increase energy efficiency still more and save additional material.

The Z-slide developed by SGL Group consists of several layers of multiaxial and unidirectional carbon prepregs, i.e. semi-finished products made from carbon fibers. Thanks to targeted fiber selection and the special layer structure, a very rigid component is created with good tensile strength, minimal thermal expansion, and excellent vibration damping. This enables the Z-slide to guarantee high positioning accuracy and machining precision, even under extreme acceleration forces. At the same time, wear of tools and machine components is reduced.