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New Graphite Porous Reactor

New graphite porous reactor makes treatment of halogenated off-gas sustainable

With the new DIABON® porous reactor, SGL Group innovates off-gas treatment. Conventional combustion units need to be operated continuously to prevent corrosion. This becomes obsolete, as we are using special graphite materials, which have a high corrosion resistance. As a result maintenance cycles and product life time are extended, which leads to shorter pay-back periods.
An additional benefit is the reactor’s compact design, which reduces the system's floor space by up to 60%. The reduced thermal mass and specific DIABON® properties enable a reduction of startup and shutdown times from several hours to few minutes. For the very first time, this start/stop operation allows “on demand” off-gas treatment with a reduced energy consumption of up to 50%.
We offer the option to expand the DIABON® porous reactors with units which recover the resulting hydrogen chloride (HCl) or hydrogen fluoride (HF) for reuse in the the process. As a result raw material and energy consumption can be reduced significantly.
Background: The chemical industry is demanding more sustainable solutions in the treatment and recovery of corrosive off-gases. One core focus is on fluorine- and chlorine containing off-gases, which need to be recycled so that they are not harmful to the environment. Currently this is achieved in conventional combustion chambers, which need very long time to heat-up and which can easily corrode when the unit starts up or shuts down.