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ECOSYN® Synthesis

Production of Hydrogen Chloride and steam. The innovative technology to utilize waste heat for the production of Steam.

- Up to 90% of process heat can be recovered
- Waste heat is used to generate steam
- Reduction of primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions
ECOSYN is an innovative technology for the production of hydrogen chloride (HCl). ECOSYN was presented at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt for the first time. This innovative HCl synthesis unit utilizes waste heat, thereby lowering energy costs and CO2 emissions.
With ECOSYN SGL Group is offering a highly cost-efficient, sustainable package solution which will set new benchmarks in performance.
Compared to conventional HCl synthesis units, ECOSYN allows up to 90% of the process heat generated during HCl synthesis to be used to produce steam. This ultimately lowers both the energy costs - as the steam can be used as a heating medium in the production site - and CO2 emissions.
SGL Group currently offers ECOSYN for a production capacity of up to 60 tons (100% HCl) and a steam quantity of more than 55 tons a day (10 bar). High-performance materials such as DIABON® graphite are the basis for the high efficiency of ECOSYN. Currently, the Business Unit Process Technology makes over 60% of its sales with products that contribute to CO2 reduction, and hence to a more sustainable production in the chemical and other industries.