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Graphite for the manufacture of composite satellite parts

Molds made of coated specialty graphite allow for tight manufacture tolerances

Lightweight design is a must for satellite construction and so ultrahigh-modulus carbon fiber composites are an excellent material for their manufacture.

These composite parts are produced using tools that determine the shape and surface quality of the final product. Graphite is used as a tooling material because of its low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), which perfectly matches the low CTE of the composite parts for the satellite.

Additional advantages of graphite used in this application are its good machinability and thermal stability. The tools must meet high requirements in terms of dimensional tolerances, surface quality, and vacuum integrity. As the carbon fibre composite parts will take on the shape and features of the mold, part quality is greatly influenced by tool quality.

SGL Group is producing tools made of special graphite to meet the high requirements of the air and space industry. A special coating enables high surface quality and vacuum integrity.


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