Carbon fibers with special properties

Continuous carbon fibers form the basis for high quality carbon fiber reinforced composites. Due to our comprehensive material and production know-how, we are able to further develop the limits of this special material beyond reinforcement applications, and to recombine the properties of different fiber types. This results in carbon fibers with special properties that enable new fields of application. Our special carbon fibers are characterized by:

  • High specific surface area with special surface activity
  • Porous filament structure
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Highly adjustable thermal conductivity or insulating effect
  • Excellent catalytic activity (after refinement with catalyst material)
  • Good friction properties
  • Suitable for processing into textile materials (e.g. felt, nonwoven or paper)

By varying the process parameters during the production of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers, oxidized PAN fibers, and carbon fibers, the material properties can be optimized for a particular application.

Cross sections of highly porous oxidized PAN fibers

Due to the diverse properties, novel carbon fibers can be used in a wide range of applications beyond reinforcement. Applications in the following fields are conceivable:

  • Porous electrodes for energy storage
  • Fuel cell technology
  • Catalyst support materials
  • Electrolysis
  • Water purification / water treatment
  • Filter materials
  • Insulation
  • Highly conductive additives
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Lightening protection

Nonwovens based on carbon fibers with a porous filament structure can be used as electrode or filter material

In the MIDES project, an energy efficient system is being developed in cooperation with international partners that uses mircobial desalination cells to turn salt water into drinking water. To achieve this goal, the SGL Group is developing electrodes based on carbon fiber felt and paper for optimum bioelectrochemical process control.

Contact us to redefine the potential for carbon fiber in your application. With you as a partner, we can develop and manufacture new solutions and products for the future.

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