Water based graphite dispersions

Advanced synthetic graphite powder

Ultrafine and ultrapure graphite powders have many unique physical properties. These includes:

  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  • A highly crystalline structure and high purity
  • Temperature resistance
  • Lubricating capacity
  • Chemical inertness

Dispersions based on expanded graphite nanoplates

Expanded graphite nanoplates consist of small, 1- 15 nanometer thick, single or multilayer graphite layers, with diameters up to 100 micrometers. They constitute a new class of graphite nanoparticles with multifunctional properties. In order to obtain a graphite dispersion, nanoplates produced by secondary treatment of our expanded graphite are mixed with a dispersant in water. Depending on the application, the viscosity of the dispersion can be adjusted by means of different concentrations of solids. The maximum dispersible solid content is 5.5% by weight. 

Key characteristics of our graphite nanoplates are:

  • Excellent layer formation on a variety of substrates, e.g. copper foil or PET film
  • The high aspect ratio of the graphite nanoplates allows high electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Freestanding graphite foils with a thicknesses between 5 and 15 μm can be produced

Graphite dispersions are used in applications which require uniform and finely distributed graphite on the surface of the carrier material, for example as a lubricant, or for energy storage, electronics, or conductive coatings.
In addition, composites made of polymers such as plastic, nylon or rubber can be made electrically and thermally conductive by the addition of small amounts of nanoplates.

We can produce masterbatches of up to 1l, with a solids content of up to 5.5 wt%, as well as functionalized graphite particles if needed.

Further parameters can be found in the data sheet.


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