Future Carbon Technologies –
Innovative Solutions for the Challenges of the Future

Global megatrends in mobility, digitalization and energy will shape our future. We are continually working beyond our established products and processes to innovative solutions for these challenges. In doing so, we draw on the outstanding properties of carbon, a material which shows its full potential in lightweight construction and energy storage, as well as in corrosive environments and high temperature applications.

The special properties of carbon materials include:

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity

  • Temperature and corrosion resistance

  • High strength and stiffness with low weight

  • Good thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion

The properties of carbon materials provide an ideal basis for developing future solutions in the field of energy and environmental technology, as well as in the chemical industry and modern lightweight construction.

A key factor in bringing innovative ideas to the market is cooperation with partners from industry and applied science. Within these development partnerships, we provide our comprehensive material and process know-how; from raw materials, through simulation, to prototype construction, and production. In doing so, we make use of our access to the entire production chain for carbon fibers, composites and special graphite.

Potential ways to cooperate:

  • Bilateral development partnerships

  • Cooperation in industry networks

  • Participation in publicly funded projects

  • Production of prototypes

  • Advising material selection and providing material samples

Contact us to redefine the material limitations of your application with our Future Carbon Technologies. We look forward to assist you in realization of your ideas.

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