Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Why a Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct emphasises our commitment to compliance with the law and reflects our Common Values.

As a technology-driven company we develop solutions on the basis of carbon for the future key areas of mobility, energy supply and digitization as well as chemical and industrial applications. With our trendsetting and sustainable solutions we offer far reaching benefits to our customers. To this end, we enter into numerous and close business bonds in order to adjust our solutions to the challenges our customers face.

Responsible and lawful behavior is the foundation for all of our businesses and business relationships. Our Code of Conduct is an expression of the legal and ethical standards embodied in daily business. We also expect this behaviour in return from our business partners.

A key element for the sustainable business success of SGL is the appropriateness with which we deal with those upon whom our success most depends – employees, customers, shareholders, governmental authorities and the public.

Compliance with the Code is fundamental to creating and maintaining trust and confidence with our stakeholders. The Code emphasises our commitment to compliance with the law, and sets forth basic standards for our employees of legal and ethical behaviour.

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