SGL Carbon offers future oriented solutions for the automotive industry

Starting the engine, powering the car, absorbing or braking – numerous solutions of SGL Carbon are applied in almost all areas of today’s and tomorrow’s cars. Body shell as well as add-on components made of composites do not only lower the weight of the vehicle but also contribute significantly to an enhanced driving safety. The roof frame, A-, B- or C-pillar and the rear spoiler are just a few examples. Composite leaf or coil springs not only substantially increase driving comfort but also contribute to weight reduction thus aiding carbon emission reduction. Gas diffusion layers made of carbon fibers for fuel cells and high-quality synthetic graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries are an integral part of the development of low-emission vehicles of the future. High performance carbon-ceramic brake discs have an excellent and highly dynamic brake performance.

Moreover, SGL Carbon supplies solutions for numerous other applications in the automotive industry. Among these are bearings and mechanical seals for turbochargers, as well as fuel and cooling water pumps, sealing materials for cylinder heads and exhaust gas systems, friction materials for clutch discs and commutator discs as well as carbon brushes forstarters and alternators.

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