Lithium-ion-batteries Represent a Key Technology

Collaborative research is of fundamental importance when developing new drive systems. This applies to batteries just as much as it does to fuel cells.

Interviewed together, Christian Schreiner from SGL and Michaela Memm from ZSW explain how advances in battery technology can support the transition from combustion engines to electric drives.

Mobility concepts suitable for the future require ever better storage systems. As part of the LIB.DE project, SGL is conducting research into the further development of lithium-ion batteries in collaboration with the battery technology laboratory at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) and other industry partners. Christian Schreiner (CS), SGL corporate research project manager, and Michaela Memm (MM), responsible for projects at ZSW, talk about electromobility, the options for even more powerful batteries, and the contribution made by carbon in the form of graphite anode material in batteries.

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The fuel cell, like the lithium-ion battery, is regarded as another highly promising technology for the future of the automotive sector. The EU-funded ‘Project INSPIRE’, aiming at the further development of fuel cell technology, started in 2016.

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