The Markets of the SGL Group

The SGL Group has a wide product portfolio which extends from amorphous carbon to high-purity graphites, and from carbon fibers to composite materials and components. This BROAD BASE enables us to supply BEST SOLUTIONS to a large number of markets.

Automation and Robotics

Our Applications

The automation industry places high demands on the materials used. High production efficiency is only achieved if components can be moved as fast as possible and accelerated rapidly. In such highly dynamic applications, aluminum or steel components quickly reach their limits. Carbon-fiber-reinforced composites open up new dimensions in performance here.

The CFRP products supplied by SGL Group offer high strength and stiffness as well as good damping behavior. Thanks to the broad range of intercombinable matrix and carbon-fiber materials, carbon-fiber-reinforced components can be produced with material properties tailored to the application.

One of our Best Solutions: CFRP swivel module for KUKA Schweißanlagen

Lightweight construction materials characterized by low density combined with very high tensile strength, low thermal expansion and high stiffness are attracting considerable interest in automation technology. Customers benefit from systems that run more quickly, dynamically and quietly, while giving rise to less downtime and maintenance costs.

Key features at a glance:

• light weight
• high positioning accuracy
• high vibration damping
• excellent fatigue strength
• high acceleration and speed possible

A swivel module made from carbon-fiber composite material was produced for KUKA Schweißanlagen GmbH in Augsburg. The module is used in a robot-assisted press linkage system. To produce this CFRP module, a process based on special vacuum technology was developed. The process enables considerable cost savings to be made. Besides this technology, various other processes are used by SGL Group to produce swivel arms and other types of manipulator such as T-grippers or bars.