The Markets of the SGL Group

The SGL Group has a wide product portfolio which extends from amorphous carbon to high-purity graphites, and from carbon fibers to composite materials and components. This BROAD BASE enables us to supply BEST SOLUTIONS to a large number of markets.

Energy Efficiency

Our Applications

Steel is produced in electric arc furnaces by melting electrically charged scrap metal with an electric arc. The furnace normally consists of a refractory-lined vessel covered with a retractable roof through which one or several electrodes are introduced into the furnace. The electrodes conduct electric current, which forms an arc between the scrap metal and the electrodes and supplies the heat to melt the material.

Graphite electrodes from SGL Group ensure a smooth, uninterrupted production process. The robust graphite material withstands the high temperatures and stresses in the furnace. Thanks to the segmented construction of the electrodes with screwed joints, spent segments can be replaced without interrupting steel production.

Our Products