The Markets of the SGL Group

The SGL Group has a wide product portfolio which extends from amorphous carbon to high-purity graphites, and from carbon fibers to composite materials and components. This BROAD BASE enables us to supply BEST SOLUTIONS to a large number of markets.

High-Temperature Applications

Our Applications

In the fire service, the military and the police, as well as in motor racing and the steel industry, heat- and flame-resistant protective clothing is indispensable. Heat-resistant fibers are also used in the production of technical woven fabrics and nonwovens for interior soft furnishings and upholstery in public buildings.

For this field of application, SGL Group supplies PANOX® textile fibers, which have exceptionally high heat resistance and moisture absorbing capacity. In protective clothing, they reduce stress on the wearer from fire, heat and the weight of the suit itself, while increasing freedom of movement. When used for interior soft furnishings and upholstery, PANOX® delays the ignition and melting of foam cushions and the release of toxic gases, so allowing time for escape from the building. PANOX® can also be used in blends with other fibers, which increases its wear resistance and ultimate tensile strength.

High-performance thermoplastics that require, for example, load-bearing capacity, precision motion control or temperature resistance, demand specialty compounds with enhanced properties. In response to this and advances in computer simulation, design tools, resin technology and processing controls, SGL Group has developed a staple carbon fiber for high-temperature thermoplastic compounding.

High strength and a high young’s modulus coupled with low density make the SIGRAFIL® C carbon fiber well suited to the reinforcement of thermoplastics. That allows designers and molders to hold tighter tolerances, achieve enhanced electromagnetic shielding and mechanical strength for higher-performance applications.