PANOX® Thermally Stabilized Textile Fiber

PANOX® is the industry standard when it comes to fire-retardant textile fibers. PANOX® is an oxidized, thermally stabilized polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber, which – because of its unique chemical structure – does not burn, melt, soften or drip. With an LOI (limiting oxygen index) of over 50%, PANOX® is far superior in this respect to other organic fibers and has a flammability classification of S-a.


PANOX® has excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance and very good electrical insulation behavior. Thanks to these outstanding properties, PANOX® is used in a wide variety of applications where protection from fire and heat are required, e.g. heat-protective clothing, spark protection in welding blankets, bellows, fabrics for C/C clutches and transmissions, fire blocking fabrics in aircraft seats, flame-retardant mattresses, car disk brake pads and clutch linings, and industrial seals and packings.

Two of the largest applications for PANOX® are in C/C aircraft brake disks and fire-resistant nonwovens for automotive hood insulation.

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