Pre-impregnated products

We offer the whole range of textile reinforcing materials made from high-quality carbon, glass, and aramid fibers, impregnated with different resin systems.


Our SIGRAPREG woven, non-woven, unidirectional, and multiaxial fabric prepregs are state-of-the-art reinforcing materials. They are fatigue- and corrosion-resistant and have excellent mechanical properties that make it possible to produce stiff, strong yet ultra-lightweight fiber-reinforced composites. We can tailor the prepregs perfectly to your requirements, since we formulate our own state-of-the-art resin systems and are equipped with many different production and processing options for reinforcing materials. Additionally, we offer compatible adhesive films which are used e.g. for aerospace and industrial applications.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low density
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Non-corrosive
  • Own resin formulation for individual resin systems
  • Low laminate thickness tolerances possible
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Our SIGRAPREG TowPregs are pre-impregnated fiber bundles made from carbon or glass. With TowPregs, better results for challenging processes can be achieved. Our material not only gives components very good mechanical properties. They also have excellent winding behavior that permits far more uniform placement to the highest accuracy, provides constant width and therefore excellent processing behavior.

Key benefits:

  • Constant resin content, tack level, and tow width
  • Easy processing saving time and cost
  • High winding accuracy for better mechanical properties
  • Environmental and health friendly
  • Stabile storage at room temperature
  • Solvent-free
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Our standard resin systems

Resin Type Curing temper. °C Tg °C Tack Applications
Epoxy E450 120-160 100 medium Automotive,
Industrial, Sports
Epoxy E500 80-160 110 medium Automotive,
Wind energy, Industrial
Epoxy E300 70-120 120 low - high Marine, Industrial
Epoxy E400 80-140 120 low Wind energy, Industrial
Epoxy E310 80-160 120 low - high Automotive,
Sports, Industrial
Epoxy E320 90-140 120 medium

Automotive, Sports, 
Medical, Industrial

Epoxy E701 140-160 120 medium Aerospace
Epoxy E302 70-140 130 low - high Marine
Epoxy E340 100-150 140 medium Sports,
Medical, Industrial
Epoxy E330 80-160 145 low - high Sports
Epoxy E420 120-170 150 medium Automotive, Industrial
Epoxy E800 80-200 220 low - high Tooling
Phenolic P320 100-180 >200 medium - high High-temperature
Phenolic P310 120-160 - low - high Aerospace
Phenolic P500 150-170 - low - high Anti-ballistic

Other resin systems available on request.

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